Empress Karena
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Emerald-eyed Karena is the empress of Trudane, a land where the women run the show and the men, who are considered brutal lesser creatures, are maintained in harems. Several times a year, bands of Trudanese females visit other worlds to hunt males to be sold as breeding slaves.

When Luc Van Starr is captured and transported to Empress Karena’s palace, he finds an intelligent, disarming beauty whose appetite for sensuality matches his own. While the imposing Karena revels in Van Starr’s magnificently sculptured body, she’s unaware there is a lot more behind her captive’s handsome face than it appears.


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As Karena walked forward, she heard soft music playing. She nudged the door, which was ajar. Her captive was sitting on her blue sofa, dressed in a black silk robe that emphasized his incredible set of shoulders. His profile was turned toward her and he was staring fixedly into middle space as if he’d been hypnotized, the result of the potion. The first dose was always stronger. From now on, he would receive his daily measure in his food.

“Hello, Luc. How are you?”

He turned slowly to face her, looking blank, as if he’d never seen her before. “Hello, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. The other person told me to wait here for instructions.”

Karena felt a wonderful charge of energy as she sat down next to him. He was incredibly handsome close up, and he was all hers. Her gaze traveled down his strong tanned throat to the tantalizing V of dark, chest hair. The sight stirred her female parts in a way she’d never felt before. She wondered if coupling with him would result in that mysterious ecstasy. “I’m the one who’ll be instructing you in your new duties,” she told him, “how to take care of my needs.”

His eyes lifted to hers. “All right, I’ll do my best. Should I call you Empress, like the other lady did?”

She debated whether it would be better if she stayed formal with him or let him call her by her first name. At the same time, she noticed the length and thickness of his lashes. During his capture, in the semi-darkness, she hadn’t been able to see how large and vividly blue his eyes were. She imagined in his normal state, they would be alive and sparkling with intelligence, but presently they held a gentle, subdued light, plainly waiting for her directives.

“Stay here,” she said, “I’ll just be a minute.” Rising, she walked across the hall to the main bedroom, where she a hurriedly showered and donned a pale green robe, making a quick stop at her tiny galley kitchen, which was stocked with drinks and light snacks. While she poured herself a glass of wine, she wondered if she should offer a glass to Van Starr. She dismissed the idea, not sure if the pacifying herbs would mix well with alcohol.

Walking back to the living room, she stopped on the threshold, calling out, “Come with me, Luc.”

He stood and walked toward her. He still had that questioning look in his eyes. Altered men didn’t completely forget about their past lives, but the daily measure of herbs made them tranquil and highly susceptible to suggestion. If asked, they would answer that they were happier in the here and now than they had been in the past. They still functioned fully as men, able to enjoy sex, albeit as a slightly submissive partner who responded to cues. Karena took his hand and led him into the second bedroom, which would remain his. She would sleep with him or alone, depending on her mood. Her bedroom would be her own private sanctuary, necessary with the busy life she lived. Now, she released his hand to remove the bed quilt and fold back the sheets.

“Are we going to have sex?”

The sound of his deep voice asking that question sent a thrilling tremor through her. She glanced over her shoulder at him. The black silk robe revealed more of his body than it covered. He was perfection. “Yes, we’re going to have sex.” Removing her robe, she tossed it on a chair and turned to face him, watching the color of his eyes deepen as his gaze move slowly over her lithe body and full breasts.

“Are you good at sex, Luc?”